Thursday, January 11, 2007
  The Messenger
The world was on a brink of collapse, the most recent supernova warning gave only half an hour for the human colony to be engulfed by the blast. The time was running short. Engineer established the last circuit, Technician confirmed safety and started countdown.
Messenger braced himself and closed his eyes. "10, 9, 8.."

"I'd like to talk to you about god".
Old Master was surprised. He looked around and noticed the crippled figure of the servant. The servant that never uttered the word until now. The surprise and curiosity were so great that Master let the servant speak.

"I understand why you hate people. Why you call us vessels for passing exrements. But I implore you to notice something small, something vanishing and microscopic, but growing, something that gives us the right for vanity, for this illusion of grandeur.
You, most of the all people, should understand it. Because, you are the most gifted, the most talented person of last few centuries, and many centuries ahead."

"That is probably the reason I chose you. Also I want you to do something."

"Who are you?"
"I am just the Messenger".

Cripple stopped talking and his burning eyes lost their light. Master was intrigued, his old mind still not believe what he heard just now. It took him couple of days before he started design for
the Machine.

Messenger returned to his time. Everything changed, which meant that his mission was a success. Of course Engineer was still there, but none of the Technicians. The need for them disappeared. As the need for the Messenger. He waited a few brief moments and then stepped forward to become one with his people, to join God.
Friday, October 27, 2006
Haloween is around the corner, so here is a few sequel ideas for horror movies.
1) Stuffed animals strike again
2) The eye of One-eye Teddy
3) Stuffed animals vs Freddy
Sunday, October 15, 2006
Idea for the baby video.
The name of the video is Babyrammstein. Video consists of seemingly endless stream of toy-product placement for heavy metal industry. Toys are dressed in leather jackets with tiny guitarrs. Here is variation, Baby-Ozi.
Sunday, October 01, 2006
Another idea for the sequal in Aliens franchise. It's a comedy. Show the civilization of Aliens. Apparently it is a peaceful and very intelligent race. They talk and behave, sort of like creatures in Gremlins. The aliens from the previous movies were crazy, phsycotic criminals that escaped from justice. Ripley is being ressurected on the Alien ship. There is also role reversal. Now there is a group of human criminals, who go on a rampage of killing Aliens. In the end Ripley falls in love with an alien creature and gives a birth to a new species.
Monday, December 06, 2004
"Invitation to Meditaion.
Every day, in the evening, sit comfortably in your favorite spot and repeat those words in your mind...
I am alone with myself. Finally, after the long day. Listening to the void. For a whisper, for few words, just like a short prayer.
I start my inner monologue of which I am the only audience. I know words of power, so rich in meaning, that books of knowleadge are full of. Now I am self-reflecting mirror. Now I am self-awareness, I am awake. Capture all the power of your thoughts. Just like in a deep prayer, like meditation. My breath is cooling the tip of nostrils. Concentrate on your breething, and get away from the words. Words are only to start, there is no more power left in them, you got it all out. Now words are so useless, so cold. The life becoming so much simpler to contemplate, and so much more complicated to enjoy. The only right choice is to live it through. "In the world where knowleadge defeats us what could be do but to be ourselves".
Now breath out and think those three things:
1) People no matter how different they are want the same thing to be happy. You want to be happy. However, our instincts are focused on survival of people as species, our social surroundings dictate good of all above good of individual. All this creates a dilemma. You want to end this dilemma. To get away.
2) Most powerful instrument that we have in our lives is will. "If you can make your nerve, your heart and sinew to serve your course long after they are gone. And so hold on, when there is nothing in you, except the will that says to them, hold on."
3) Think how you could apply your will to achive things that make you happy. Think how could you do that tomorrow. Not in a month, or a week. Start now."
Now this should be broadcasted on TV instead of shopping channels and payed advertisment programs at night.
Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Прoчитaл Генри Миллерa, Tropic of Cancer. Книгa мне пoнрaвилaсь, хoтя я уверен теперь, чтo oпoздaл нa пaру лет с этoй книгoй. Через некoтoрые местa дoвoльнo слoжнo прoдирaться, не хвaтaет терпения лезть в слoвaрь зa oсoбеннo изъебистыми слoвaми, a вoт двa гoдa нaзaд у меня былa тaкaя привычкa. Теперь я слoвa прoпускaю и читaю в свoё удoвoльствие.
Рaссуждения Миллерa o литерaтуре или oб искустве резкo перехoдят в oписaние егo мнoгoчисленных снoв, a спaл oн, судя пo всему, днем и нoчью. Рaдoсти безрaбoтнoй жизни. В чем тo книгa нaпoминaет кaртину сурреaлистoв, типa Joan Мирó и Рoлaнд Пенрoсa, мнoгo грязных пятен, генитaлий и изoбрaжения смерти.
Нo приятнее всегo читaть стрaницы с oписaнием пaрижскoй жизни, тo есть прo друзей и прo блиaдей, прo пoхoждения пo квaртaлaм крaсных фoнaрей. Тут егo перo рaссцветaет нa бумaге букетoм пoхoти и стрaсти. Пoжaлуй, Генри Миллер дaл мне пoчувствoвaть чтo тaкoе сурреaлизм.
Why noone made a decent movie out of it?
Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Life is a war that you going to lose anyway.
A loose collection of stories intended as scenarios for movies

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